Welcome to the Illinois Valley Ghostbusters!



Ghostbusters was re-released to theaters for its 30th anniversary, and I was fortunate enough to see it 3 times that September - twice on the 11th, and again on the 16th. The anniversary also reignited my childhood fascination with all things ectoplasmic. I decided I wanted to own a piece of the Ghostbusters universe, and the proton pack seemed as good a place as any to start,. After all, it's the most iconic piece of technology from the movie. However, I wasn't sure where to go to get build plans or parts, and my spare time was pretty limited. Finding someone to build it for me was going to be the best route to travel, and so I set about finding someone to do the build.


After doing some research, I commissioned Will from Viking Props to do the pack build. It was a wandless pack that included animated lights in the power cell and cyclotron, but no sound effects. A Matty Collector Neutrino Wand was used to complete the build. 


Matty wand



Proton pack.


I also commissioned Will to build a Belt Gizmo for me.

Pack and gizmo 


I also bought some leather belt fobs (with lobster hooks) and a real LifeGard II PASS device. 

LifeGuard II


My first time in full uniform.






In the summer of 2016, a trap was obtained and a pedal and tubing assembly were built. I also linked the Matty wand to the pack via Spongeface's Matty Blaster interface board. Now the pack lights (and sounds - a speaker was added to the pack) are controlled from the wand, just like in the movies. For the flight suit, I attached the leg hose connector by sewing it on - last year I had it attached by magnets, and it kept falling off. 


Trap 1


Matty blaster mod